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Ecocycle Waste Solutions is a 100% Black-owned, fully licensed medical waste removal and disposal company based in Mkondeni, Pietermaritzburg. We provide reliable, cost-effective healthcare risk waste disposal service to large and small quantity generators. Healthcare risk waste includes expired/condemned pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

Our commitment to customer service, safety and regulatory compliance leaves our clients protected and confident that their waste is being disposed of in a proper manner. At point of service we provide “cradle to grave” documentation that ensures your waste is compliant from generation to final treatment.

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Overview – Healthcare Risk Waste

In an increasingly legislated environment, the storage, handling and disposal of healthcare waste is becoming a complex task for many organizations.

At Ecocycle, we recognize that you need a service provider who offers you simple and cost-effective solutions to deal with all forms of healthcare waste.

We pride ourselves on providing a tailored solution to meet the complex needs of the healthcare community, including pharmacies, hospitals, doctors, age care homes and funeral parlours. Our focus on providing community services means that we can collect a wide range of waste streams from high volume as well as small sites collections.

With many forms of healthcare waste being highly regulated the need to be able to provide evidence of appropriate disposal is further emphasized. For this reason, we will provide you with a full audit trail, “cradle to grave”, so you can be confident that your waste is handled correctly.

We have a team on hand to advise you on all areas of waste legislation, “Best practice” and what actions you need to take to ensure you are fully compliant. Not only that, we can customize a solution to your individual requirements so that the service you receive is the most effective and efficient for you, as well as the environment.

What We Do


Our specialized services include the collection, treatment and disposal of the following waste stream:

  •   Infectious waste
  •   Sharp Waste
  •   Nappy and sanitary waste
  •   Anatomical waste
  •   Pharmaceutical waste – NB* We have a pharmacist who signs off the destruction of ALL Pharmaceutical waste including Schedules 0 to 4.

What We Supply

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     We supply:

  •   Box sets and liners for infectious waste
  •   Sharps containers (various sizes)
  •   Speci-bins for anatomical waste (various sizes)
  •   Pharmaceutical bins
  •   We also supply related consumables e.g. biohazard tape